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Submission Requirements in (English)

The conditions of participation:



                1.             The film must have a minimum duration of 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes.

                2.            The film must promote the Haitian culture in a positive way.

                3.            The film must be in 720 or above format, sexual scenes and violence will not be accepted.

                4.            The film can be in Creole, French or English, but if the film is in English, it must be subtitled in

                               Creole or French.

                5.            Kajou TV is the only one able to publish the film on YouTube.

                6.            We will provide you with multiple selections of NONE COPYRIGHT background music that you

                               may choose from to create your short film.

                7.            The film must not be available or have been available on any other platform.

                8.            Haitian Short Film Contest will be held on Kajou TV's YouTube channel.

                9.            The competition is open to anyone, Global competitors are welcome.

                10.          To vote, viewers needs to go to the Kajou TV website; to cast their vote. Note:

                              all the views and likes receiving on the videos will also use towards voting decisions.

                11.           The registration fee is $100 USD which you can pay by PayPal, Zelle or Cash App.

                12.          We will have ten (10) finalists and three (3) winners.



        Winners primes:

  • First price $3000,

  • Second Price $1500

  • Third prize $500 

(N.B): A certificate and a Plate of honor for the three Winners

Questions? Contact us at

Register to be part of the contest

Registration fee is $100

You will be prompted to a payment portal once you click on the submit button

NO REFUNDS after transaction is rendered.

Thanks for submitting!


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