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About Us


KajouTV has been serving Palm Beach County for over 20 years. In KajouTV, we pride ourselves to be highly innovative and efficient; our professionalism is recognized by all of our clients and contractors. Our current clients are familiar with our technical proficiency and our commitment to achieve the best work for their objectives. We are greatly interested in working with you. We have executed many professional projects with all the latest equipment and apply the latest technology to accomplish them. We have been using our broadcasting to reach out to the community all over the world. We are glad to mention that we have been most successful and have made our name knew all over Florida, Haiti and the Caribbean.


Our Story

Kajou TV Network, LLC is a Multi-Service Agency headquartered in the beautiful city of Lake Worth, Florida, whose primary mission is to serve the Haitian communities all over the Globe. Our commitment is to build a stronger community socially, economically, and politically by promoting a positive image of our culture through Video Production, Communication, TV advertising, Haitian TV Programming and more. For more info please call us at 1-855-kajoutv (525-6888) (ext.1 for Creole or ext. 2 for English)

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